Your System is faster, but vulnerable .

A word about cable modems and your system: Line power isn't perfect, and it is getting worse every year. Accidents such as electrical storms can cause major damage to any PC. Your link to the internet is very fast with this new toy. However, now you have another path for damage to occurr -- the cable modem/ethernet connection!

If lightening hits the cable system or the power company's lines short into the cable system, high energy blasts can make their way into the coax that feeds your new cable modem. This does happen with accidents and winter storms. To make matters worse, your cable is connected to the whole neighborhood, so your odds are much higher for a strike than you think. Some neighborhoods have the cable system on telephone poles, which are very vulnerable to accidents and the evils of weather.

If you think that your cable system is grounded, and this energy will harmlessly disipate itself, think again. The ground is poor or nonexistant. This energy will not stay in that box! It will go right up the CAT-5 cable into your PC. Poof! You have a dead PC. If you have the cable modem plugged into a hub, every PC is at risk! All is not lost, however.

You don't have to spend a lot of money for a lot of protection. APC, American Power Conversion, makes a little gem called the ProtectNet. PNET1 is a CAT-5 cable protector that shunts surges to ground. It mounts between the CAT-5 cable from the cable modem to your HUB or PC. The ground strap connects to a GOOD ground.

Warranties cover defective hardware, but not lost or corrupted data, or severe electrical systems damage. If your data is important to you, an ProtectNet suppressor unit is cheap insurance. At least get a GOOD surge suppressor. See the American Power Conversion web site,, for more information. The Network Surge line provides an excellent amount of protection for under $40.

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