Basic Printer Installation

This is for an Epson Sylus Color 800, but it is very typical of most printers.

First, insert the CDROM with the drivers for your printer. If a AutoRun file is on the disk, it will start automatically. If not, such as the case of a floppy disk, run the SETUP file on the disk.

epson1.gif (21859 bytes)

Just click on the installation ICON and continue.

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The Epson drivers are smart enough display your available printer drivers on the CD, and also what OS you are under. That is, if you insert the CD in an NT machine, it will load the NT driver screens. You will not have to pick the correct drivers. Click OK and continue. The setup drivers will start to load.

epson4.gif (21804 bytes)

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Click on Install on Hard Drive to continue.

Pick your installation directory. The default locations are usually OK, but you might want to change to a less congested drive. That case, hit the Browse button. Otherwise hit Next.

In the Epson 800 case, the Epson Answers screen comes up. It has general information on the printer. Every new printer has something like this screen - both for general information and printer testing.

epson8.gif (176819 bytes)

Hit the Exit key to continue.

Under My Computer, Printers the new printer ICON will be visible. You might have to scroll around in that window to find it, but it will be there.   Highlight your printer and then go to File - Properties. You can also right click the mouse while you highlight the printer. Then select Properties from that pull down menu.

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The printer's setup control screens now appear. It is a good idea to do a Test Page with any new printer installation. Make sure the printer is plugged into the PC, the printer has paper, and that it is ON.

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All done!

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