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Baseball, baseball, and more baseball. When I'm not doing RF design, building PCs, or playing baseball, I'm practicing for even more baseball! Oh, don't forget the wife! Click on any of these to get the full sized photo.

Picture of my wife.

Dcp00292.jpg (309590 bytes) Here's a 1999 shot of the parents with the evil, family cat, Lizzy. They named her after Lizzy Borden. I took this in the backyard of the old Ridgecrest home.

Here are a couple of snaps of our dog, Oscar.oscar1.jpg (56613 bytes) oscar_chair1.jpg (326239 bytes) oscar_couch2.jpg (335905 bytes) oscar_nap.jpg (355022 bytes)

He comes from the San Diego Humane Society in May of 1999 not from a #$@%^&!! puppy mill. Oscar LOVES to go for a walk. If you ask him if he wants to go for a walk, he goes nuts. Click here to listen. He starts getting excited when you put your shoes on in the morning. If you want a real life experience of Oscar, you can see part of his walk. Click here to see Oscar in his full glory.

The next month we picked up Kirby from Westie Rescue. I wanted to name him Felix, but I lost that argument. He's a cute little fella, too.kirby_basket.jpg (298705 bytes) kirby_play1.jpg (297824 bytes) He sleeps with a Padres towel. It is a good use for it. This guy has got to be from Minnesota, however. He is responsible for at least 10,000 lakes. Kirby starts to howl when he hears sirens. A good police show gets him going nicely. Click here to listen.

We went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and I took some shots in the bird house. Feed these guys and look what happens!

wifebird.jpg (350652 bytes) wifebir2.jpg (184264 bytes) huz_bird.jpg (282831 bytes)

We gave our Moms early Christmas presents back in September. Here they are. They look happy. Don't they?

Dscn0065.jpg (797709 bytes) Dscn0066.jpg (339298 bytes) Dscn0003.jpg (748180 bytes)

red_and_blue.gif (2578 bytes)

 vida_pitch1.jpg (20671 bytes) mark_and_tony.jpg (86782 bytes) mark1.jpg (50678 bytes) Team Shot at Stadium.jpg (257550 bytes)

The next photo on the left is Vida Blue. The man can still bring it baby! The photo on the right is me with the '89 Cy Young winner, Mark Davis. Mark throws hard enough to knock our catcher on his fanny!  This is also Mark Davis in a more natural setting. The last shot is our team in Scottsdale, January 1999. We were at Scottsdale stadium.

 padres_team1.jpg (383298 bytes) jt_mike_mvp.jpg (282050 bytes)   This is our Spring '99 championship team. Four of our guys couldn't make the last game, but they really helped to get us there. The MVP went to JT. He's holding the jacket.

TonyAndVibe.JPG (1001998 bytes)

  charlie_a.gif (2517 bytes) c_iconb.gif (4690 bytes)

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